Care and repair

General Care

Every PEKAN jewel is custom made on demand, often with specially selected stones and specific elements which require the most delicate of touches. After wearing, we recommend that you wipe with a soft jewellery cloth and store in one of our branded boxes.

Our stones or components vary in shape, size and colour and may contain small irregularities. Each piece has its own individual characteristics and although equally beautiful and unique, may vary slightly from the photograph. Treat our stones and components with care , avoid bumping into or against other objects or dropping, as it may cause them to break, split or chip; in such an event we are not able to exchange for a different piece.

Avoid exposing your jewel to excessive moisture, if your jewel gets wet, you should dry it off. Noble metals, such as silver and gold, can tarnish over time when regularly exposed to chemicals, such as those present in swimming pools or sea water; additionally other materials like leather and rubber suffer from damage (eg. loss in elasticity and resistance) when regularly exposed to water and sun.

The best form of maintenance for your jewelry is to dust regularly. You shouldn’t attempt to use cleaning products or polishes; detergents and personal care products, like hair sprays, deodorants and perfumes, when used inappropriately, can cause discolouring. Chemical products can harm natural or organic stones (pearls, jades, ivory, ambers) by tarnishing them and potentially causing delamination. Therefore you should protect your jewels from direct contact with such substances by, for example, applying beauty products before putting on your jewellery.

The maintenance of all Pekan jewelry is ensured by us, but is not covered by warranty and is made under previous budget.


Under current European laws, all silver and gold products must be hallmarked. The hallmark must include the type of precious metal and its purity. Gold products of mass less than 1gr. and silver products less than 5gr. don’t have to be hallmarked.

The only silver used in PEKAN jewels is hallmarked 925, which means that in 1000 alloy mass units, 925 is pure silver. It’s relatively better value in comparison to platinum and gold makes it an ideal material for jewellery making.

Gold’s hallmark indicates the purity in the alloy, for example in PEKAN jewels we use more often than not 375, which means that in 1000 units of alloy’s mass there are about 375 units of pure gold (the rest being a combination of silver, zinc and copper). Until the early 20th century gold was mostly hallmarked in carats: according to this system, 333 is 8 carat, 375 is 9 carat, 585 is 14 carat, 750 is 18 carat and 800 is 19,2 carat. Pure gold theoretically is 1000/1000; however, as it’s impossible to remove all impurities, the purest gold is 999 or 24 carat.


The measure of rings is a very important factor when buying a product either in store or on-line. The best method is to measure the diameter of any other ring that fits the chosen finger. Please remember that ring sizes are measured up to 1/10 of millimeter, so the difference between two adjacent sizes might be small and insignificant.

Ring Ring Ring Diameter Inside circumference
size EUR size UK size USA In millimeters in millimeters
5 G 4 14,00 mm 44 mm
6 H 4+ 14,30 mm 45 mm
7 H 4+ 14,70 mm 46 mm
8 I 5 15,00 mm 47 mm
9 J 5+ 15,30 mm 48 mm
10 K 6- 15,60 mm 49 mm
11 L 6 16,00 mm 50 mm
12 L+ 6+ 16,30 mm 51 mm
13 M 6+ 16,60 mm 52 mm
14 N 7 16,90 mm 53 mm
15 O 7 17,20 mm 54 mm
16 O+ 7+ 17,50 mm 55 mm
17 P 8 17,80 mm 56 mm
18 Q 8+ 18,20 mm 57 mm
19 R 9 18,50 mm 58 mm
20 S 9+ 18,80 mm 59 mm
21 S+ 9+ 19,20 mm 60 mm
22 T 10 19,50 mm 61 mm
23 U 10+ 19,80 mm 62 mm
24 V 11- 20,10 mm 63 mm
25 V+ 11 20,40 mm 64 mm
26 W 11+ 20,70 mm 65 mm
27 X 12 21,00 mm 66 mm
28 Y 12+ 21,40 mm 67 mm
29 Z 13- 21,70 mm 68 mm
30 Z+ 13 22,00 mm 69 mm


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